iTunes at USU

I cannot access my account

Getting Started


To login to USU iTunes U and see what podcasts are available, you will need iTunes installed on your computer. If you have not installed iTunes, you may download and install it for free at the link below:

Download Apple iTunes Software

Once you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can login to iTunes U with your university A number and password. You will be directed to USU's iTunes U space, where you will be able to access and subscribe to any of the podcasts that are made available to you. Subscription will occur automatically in iTunes.

Faculty and Staff

An instructor wanting a podcast should contact the IT-FACT team (preferably his or her department's assigned instructional designer). For a list of instructional designers, their departmental assignments, and contact information, see

An instructional designer will meet with the instructor to discuss his or her needs and the purpose of the podcast. He or she will provide training on what the instructor needs to know and help answer questions. From the discussion, storage limits and time frames will be determined. Instructors should be prepared to discuss the following:

  • The course the podcast is for (if any); the number of credit hours; and the length of time it will run.
  • The type of media to be used.
  • The average length of each media file.
  • The amount of time the media needs to remain available online
  • How the instructor wishes to allow access and where he or she wants to post the podcast or links to individual media (including whether he or she wants an iTunes U presence).

Within about 48 hours, the instructional designer will set up the podcast and contact the instructor when it is ready.

Once the podcast is ready, the instructor should test it by uploading a media file and ensuring that all works as expected (understanding that media may take up to 24 hours to appear in iTunes U).