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Thank you for visiting the Podcasts@USU site. We're proud to be able to offer the USU community an opportunity to reach new audiences and explore new opportunities in online education, news and education.

For Instructors: If you're new to podcasting, we welcome you to jump on the bandwagon and explore what podcasting has to offer for you and your students. The FACT Center, a name that you know and trust for excellent service in online instructional design will help you get started creating your own podcasts. Please contact them, they'd be happy to help you.

For Students: We've partnered with Apple's iTunes U to offer you the opportunity to download and listen or watch podcasts anytime and anywhere. Download lectures to your laptop, home computer or your portable multimedia player and learn when you want to! We're excited to offer this service and we're working hard to add new content. Talk to your instructor and tell them you want your lectures online!

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